Our Philosophy

Safarni believes that the strongest uniting factor is human connection and empathy. This comes from immersing yourself in someone else’s reality. While some of us have the option to connect with “the other” through traveling, for much of the world this is not an option. Thus, Safarni aims to provide its activities for children with no access to travel and little opportunities for authentic contact with diversity.

If you open a newspaper, the majority of the tragic headlines all stem from a lack of “connection” with the other. Our aim is create a framework for intercultural connections, thus building a generation of global citizens.

We believe that exposure to diversity is directly proportional to the acceptance and celebration of diversity. Our mission is to create opportunities for intercultural emotional connections to blossom, thus creating a generation of active, inclusive world citizens no matter the background.

Safarni aims to tackle xenophobia and intolerance by providing a context for people to share authentic experiences with “the other”. All over the world, there exists a natural tendency to fear what one doesn’t know. These tendencies are augmented by a poor educational system, political instability, financial instability, and other societal constructs, which make interactions with diversity infrequent and non-impactful.