Our Team


TeamOur team is made up of the best and brightest humans in Cairo.
All of the Safarni team members go though an application process, which includes an interview. Also, everyone completes a 6 hour orientation to learn about Safarni’s philosophy. The Safarni team meets at least once a month to do continuing education on intercultural awareness and team bonding activities.


Meet Farah!

Role: Foreign Friend
Favorite part of the Safarni day: When the children get off the plane and enter a new country.
Favorite Safarni memory: Dutch foreign friend Thomas dancing with the children while wearing clogs two sizes too small.
Community that I want to connect to more: Eastern Europeans.


Meet Mo!

Role: Volunteer
Favorite part of the Safarni day: The start of the day when you see the children are full of energy, curiosity, happiness and enthusiasm.
Favorite Safarni memory: When we finished long Safarni trip in Fayed and we were riding back in bus. Everyone was happy felt accomplished. We were all sharing memories from the weekend.
Community that I want to connect to more: The refugee community living in Cairo.
Biggest misconception about me is: Many around me think that I am a bit arrogant.


Meet Raniah!

Role: Volunteer coordinator
Favorite part of the Safarni day: The dance! Seeing little kids waving and moving enthusiastically with the foreign friends who they have never seen before is marvelous.
Favorite Safarni memory: Oooooh the memories… I recall one of the kids approaching our colleague Nancy in the closing ceremony saying that she loved what she has gone through and this affected her tremendously! Another favorite memory is with the founder Raphaelle; when I facilitated for the first time and I felt bad about my performance and the way she tried to encourage me, and it was one of my best moments in SAFARNI. She does so with all of the volunteers all the time.
Community that I want to connect to more: I wish I can be connected to everyone! All those who are breathing the same are I breathe! I want to be connected with those kids we worked and we’ll work with in the future after 10 years to see how they perceive the world.
Biggest misconception about me is: That I’m very clam and quiet… hello folks you don’t know me!