Level I – Diversity in the World

Safarni is an intercultural children’s workshop that teaches children about other countries and cultures by providing them with the opportunity to meet, eat, sing, and dance with people from all around the world.

We have developed a program that brings the travel experience to children who do not have the opportunity to travel. We do this by facilitating events that allow children to meet and immerse themselves in different countries and cultures, without ever having to leave their neighborhoods.

Safarni organizes day-long programs where we take imaginary, multi-sensory, trips to other countries. We only travel to a country with the guidance and companionship of a foreign friend. So, for example, on “Brazil day” 2-3 Brazilians come to represent their culture. Safarni passports in hand, children board an airplane simulation (a room) and “fly” to Brazil. After landing in “Brazil” our Brazilian guides show and teach us local dances, games, sites and cuisine. After a day of fun while discovering the culture of our new friends, we take a “flight” back to Cairo. The children really enjoy this mix of fun, discovery, adventure, and friendship.

We believe that dancing together is more uniting than a handshake. Friendship is stronger than a peace treaty. Love is more uniting than an open border.

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Level II – Diversity in the City

Children explore world cities that are diverse. They then take field trips to explore diversity in their own city, later presenting their findings to the community and transforming local perspectives on diversity.

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Level III – Diversity in the Community

Children explore what it takes to have diverse communities. They undertake group projects exploring diversity in their own community (schools, streets, homes), finaly graduating as Ambassadors of Diversity.

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