Nuba Day



The Safarni kids explore cultures outside and inside of Egypt. All of the children were very excited to learn that they were going to take a trip to upper Egypt to learn about Nubian Culture. So, all of the Safarni kids hopped on a “Safarni Train” and we took at pretend 10 hour (10 minute) train trip to Aswan, Egypt!

Upon “arriving” in Aswan, the children were greeted by 5 foreign friends. All of the foreign friends were able to communicate in both their native tongue of Nubian, and in Arabic, which the kids were excited about. The Safarni kids were immediately fascinated by Nubian culture—they had lots of questions for the foreign friends!

One of the things that amazed the children the most is that there is no word for “Thank you” in Nubian. We always encourage the children to say “thank you” in the native language of the foreign friend, but during this exploration the children didn’t have to learn a new word!

First, the children learned about Nubian Culture through looking at photos of Aswan. Then, everyone worked together to draw large murals of Aswan. Aswan is filled with very colorful houses, which were evident in the children’s drawings. Later in the day, the children played a Nubian game.  Then, the children learned a Nubian dance.


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