Venezuela Day

Quieresir a Venezuela? (Want to go to Venezuela?)Vamos! (Let’s go!)

When we told the children we were traveling to Venezuela, many of them could not even pronounce Venezuela (it’s a difficult country to pronounce!). Finally, after we learned how to say it, and learned where it is on the globe, we boarded the “plane” for our 17 hour (17 minute) plane ride to Venezuela.

Upon “landing” in Venezuela, our foreign friends, Cesar and Lorea, greeted us. They were eager to show the children the bright and vibrant Venezuelan culture! Cesar is a musician so he brought his guitar and played traditional Venezuelan music on his guitar for the children.

One of the best parts of the day was playing the Venezuelan game called Pollito Ingles. The game involved moving and freezing. The children loved this active game. Another highlight was the Venezuelan food—banana cake! It was sweet and delicious. The children (and the Safarni team members) all loved it!

After 3 hours of adventuring around Venezuela with Cesar and Lorena, it was finally time to say, “adios” (bye) and “fly” back to Cairo. We hope to do another Venezuela day, soon!

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